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We Start 27th August 2019! 

Are you ready to live, love and EARN from anywhere in the world with just a mobile phone, laptop and internet connection!?


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Ok, Oooookkkkkaayyy, are you ready?

And I mean like really ready. Like you have never been more certain of anything else in your life?

Like you are sick and tired of seeing others around you succeed online, crush it making money from where ever they are in the world while you sit there thinking, what the hell are they doing that I am not? How do I get some of that in my life? (not that you aren't happy for them right, you just want some of that action for yourself, aint no shame in that girlfriend!!)

You're sitting there thinking, how do I get all this great content inside of me out in a clear and concise way so that I can powerfully impact others and make money online while I share my gifts and knowledge!?  

Well if that is you and you are sitting there going YES YES YES!! Then I have something super special for you!! Yup, I am opening the doors, pulling back the curtain and revealing allllll the things that I do in my business to create programs online, inspire others and have a kick ass life along the way! Yup Yup Yup, I am sharing all. No bull shit, no hiding of any secrets, just all laid out on the table, real and raw and straight to the point, so you can rip off and copy, I mean, haha...... Um model and reinvent and apply it to your online business so you can do the same. Let’s be honest, really, it is not rocket science, you just have to know what to do in what order and know the right people to look out for to help you so you are not doing it all yourself. Thats it really, and just, you! Thant is your strength, that is your point of difference, that is your vibe that will attract your tribe! So are you ready? LET’S DO THIS!!  

~ Database building for success. No matter what industry you are in you can build your list fast with simple strategies! 

~ Using Facebook and LinkedIn successfully to attract and convert the right clients. 

~ Demystify online funnel systems and how they lead your ideal customers to your doorstep with less time and effort.

~ Uncover all you need to know and gather for a website that converts visitors to clients. 

~ Discover the BEST Social media secrets and what is most useful for your business today. 

~ Participate in Transformational Training exercises, which will have you seeing through new clear eyes.

This intensive event designed to is for coaches, consultants, speakers and Business owners wanting to take their business to the next level and work with experts to achieve results in lead generation, client acquisition, funnel system building for online programs and effective website development to convert visitors into clients.

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unclear or like you need a good kick up the butt (in the most loving way) to do what you have always known you need to do!

To start that project you have been wanting to create for sooooo long but your fears, time, money, whatever story you tell yourself has got in your way..... Let me just say, cough cough.... just bloody do it! Now is the time, your soul is calling, this is it, as you will hear me say a lot.....



All you need to up skill your business in the following areas:

Creating content !! Launching NEW products !! Selling !! GROWWWWTHHHHHHHHHHH !! FINDING the best people for the job, always !! Managing a kick ass Team !! Advertising !! Growing your following !! Social media fabulousness !! Automated income and funnels !! EVERY OTHER THING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO TOTALLY CRUSH IT !!  


This is it! This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your life. And every day that you are living not doing what you know you should be doing is one step closer to a life of regret. You need to feel the fear and do it anyway. That is what I had done and still do. Every day I feel the fear and do it anyway. I live life on the edge I live my dream life I travel when I want I go to the beach when I want I wake up when I want (usually pretty darn early cos I love life and have a badass morning routine that I love!) I work when I want (which is not really work, it’s more like play and just life unfolding how I choose it to)  


If you want this too then I want this for you. And you can totally do it. It is so super achievable for you. You know what, you just have to choose it, you just have to decide that this is what you want and take action and go for it. You can do this, I believe in you. You know why? Because I was there too once. I was sitting there thinking, how do I do this, what are all the things I need to put in place to get my message out there. What in my mindset do I need to shift to make millions of dollars online!?

So I know 100% that is it achievable for you. And I am still growing and learning so if you are looking for the perfect coach then I am definitely not that, I am always working on myself to be able to perform at my optimum potential and anyone who tells you they are perfect or has it all together is laying.

But one thing I know is that I have the mindset to get me there and I learn from the best to apply the best to myself, my business and my life. And I know you are dedicated to this too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, and you certainly would not have read this far down this page if you were not ready for change and dedicated to a better life for yourself. So this is it, what is it going to be for you? Are you ready to take action and dive head first into this new realm of your life? Cummon…. LET’S DO THIS!


~4 WEEKS of Intensive and Focused Business training with direct insights into MY business so you can copy it.  

~ Demystify online funnel systems and how they lead your ideal customers to your door step with less time and effort.  

~ I will literally give you all my funnel systems for you to copy, all my email sequences, processes, systems! Nothing is off limits.  

~ I will uncover all you need to know and gather for a website that converts visitors to clients.  

~ Discover the BEST Social media secrets and what is most useful for your business today.  

~ Mindset Mastery! Yes, this is the REAL work!

Come into my INNER CIRCLE and I will teach you all I know!

Funnel Creation

Facebook Ads training

I will show you what I do to create the funnel systems I use, so that you can do the same and lead your tribe home and right to your door!

This is your ninja tool! Your secret weapon and your ATM while you sleep. Once you set this baby up you will be good to go. 

Pumping content out, driving traffic to your landing page and your funnel system will do the rest while you play and sleep. Yeh BAYBAY!  

This world moves fast, and if you are not in FB Ads you are getting left behind! Period!

We are dramatically reducing the ad spend for our clients and building contact customer lists fast! 

We’ll give you up to date strategies as well as the latest technology we are using and keep you in the loop when Facebook make changes that affect your campaigns so that you can know what’s working right now!  

Social Media

Team Building

I will show you how I create 1 piece of content into many.

How to get engagement on Social Media and build a dedicated following of other kick ass business owners just like you, who will be your dream clients and people you will actually want to hang out with in real life!

What to post when and how often so you give value and you don’t annoy people with salesy posts all the time. 

It is selling without selling and you will have your dream clients just message you asking to work with you.  

My team is something that I could not do without! They help me organise my cray cray scatter brain creative life! Plus, they are genius at the things I'm not so good at. Thats the beauty of having an amazing team!

They do posts for me, blog sharing, website maintenance and all sorts of thing that support in growing my business so I can focus on…. Well, just being me really and sharing my message. 

Basically I create it and my fabulous team get it out there in an organised manner! So creating a bass ass team is definitely something you will need!  

Mindset Mastery


As I always say…. This is the ‘REAL WORK’. Seriously….if your mindset is SCREWED, your life is SCREWED. 

Sorry to put it so blunt but it’s true. 

I’m sure you can agree with me, nobody wants either of those, so let’s get to work in that area and make magical unicorn sparkles fly out of every aspect of your mind body and soul and permeate into the fabric of your life! 

Sounds bloody amazing to me.

There is no such thing as competition in my world, just collaboration. Seriously, what kind of shit, lack mentality is it to have to feel like you have to compete with others. 

Firstly, your vibe will attract your tribe and you are uniquely you so nobody can take that away so there’s not even a glimmer of competition there. Secondly, collaboration is coming from a totally opposite mindset of abundance, enough to go around for everyone and trust that you will work with and attract EXACTLY who you are ment to work with, EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

So I will show you how to do joint ventures, partner with other kick ass business owners to make a win win situation and leverage off other people’s database lists to grow your tribe and make more money, even if you have NO LIST yourself right now.  


I spend shit loads of money each month to employ people to manage and build things for me, to help to create all I need to know about what I do in my business. And guess what, 

I want to help you with all of that over these 4 weeks for no extra cost.

You're welcome, you can thank me later. And trust me you will... Just look at the testys below (testimonials I mean, not testicles lol. I just like to call them testys for short for a bit of a snigger. Haha.) Anyway, what I'm saying is that I am paying for all of these amazing people and we can ask them anything you like while working with me.

As I said, I am an open book and you will have all the support you need to create your online business during our time together. 


What People Are Saying About SHINE!

Mishka Long ~ Director of The Body Reshaping Program

Deanna Kangas ~ Director of VoiceHouse

Kerry Little ~ Director of The Harmony Hub

Sharon Little ~ Director of Haven For Health

So How Do You Get ALLLLL This Goodness!?

Here's how it will roll out......

Once you register as my Bass Ass partner in SHINE by clicking one of the buttons on this page and paying the tiny fraction of a price in comparison to the MASSIVE amount of VALUE! You will receive an email in your inbox. (Check your junk cos it sure as heck doesn't belong there!) Alllllll the magical content described on this page that you will get to rock it online, will be sent to you via email, in the FB group that we will get you to join and on the live calls. We will tell you when and where they are once you’re in. Wohoo!! 

There will be multiple FB lives I do to deliver all this and 1 Main Group call each week. So all your Q&A witll be done on these too. 

Also, you can ask any questions in the group and get all your support you need in there. Myself, my team or other members will be able to give you all the info you need! I’m getting even more excited now!! Let’s Do This!xx  


Hey, What's Up Girlfriend! Are you ready to join my Inner Circle?

I’m that chick that is going to kick your butt in a loving way to get you to do all the magical things you know you want and deserve to do in your life.  

I’m that chick that has been there and done that so I can say, I know how you are feeling and here’s how it is going to roll out, you are going to feel the fear and do it anyway, you are going to think you will die, but then you will survive and come out the other side with peace guns blazing going hell yeah I fricken did it!  

I spent 10 years growing my Fashion Empire. I had 3 boutiques of my own. I sold in designer stores throughout the country alongside other top fashion brands who I once aspired to be. I won business grants of thousands of dollars and a 6 figure sponsorship deal. Literally over 100k just to be me. Go figure.... I organised fashion shows to hundreds (sometimes up to a thousand) people. I did 4 years at Fashion Week, the countries largest fashion event alongside more of the countries top designers. I dressed mega movie stars for global premiers, TV actresses and socialites. I appeared on prime time TV, in the most elite fashion magazines and on radio.  

Safe to say I made it to all the nay sayers!! Safe to say my 20’s were a real hoot! Haha. Fashion shows and launch parties, on the door list of everywhere and basically living the dream of a 20+ year old! 

Then…….I hit my late 20’s and I left the fashion industry, which was one of the hardest decisions of my life! I had a year off and then started public speaking about living your dream life, empowering and inspiring others to do the same and before I knew it I was building my new empire of online and offline INSPIRATION!  

And now here I am. Over the last 7 years having run hundreds of events and personal development lifestyle retreats, spoken on stages all over the world, worked with amazing private clients and built countless online programs to support others in having a Kick Ass life.And that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. A fabulous sparkly nutshell that when opened rainbows and magical Unicorns come bursting out. That is all! Nice to meet you. Hope to see you inside SHINE Online! xx  

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Ok, so it isn't really a question about whether the content I’m going to deliver will be valuable or not, because let’s be honest, I always over deliver and give massive value. The question really is whether Shine Online is right for you.  

So ask yourself this…. Are you ready for life to just flow, are you ready for things to just be easier? Are you sick of trying to figure it all out for yourself and are you ready for me to show you the step by step system to get your online programs, products or services flying out the door by getting eyes on your products and services and sales happening!? Well it’s simple then really isn’t it…. If your soul is saying hell YAASSS, just bloody do it! Then you should. LET”S DO THIS!  

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